iPad Car Holder - Connect your iPad to your car with an iPad Holder for the car.

Neo iPad Holder - NPH-45

Car Dash iPad Holder
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What it is

The NPH-45 is the best way to functionally integrate your iPad with your vehicle! With a connection at the bottom of the seat and a gooseneck design, you have the ability to place the iPad virtually anywhere in your car. The revolutionary design of this Neo Pro Holder allows you to pivot the iPad to the exact position you desire so you can operate it in your most comfortable position. When not in use, you can use the same technology to move your iPad out of the way for safe driving or even 'hide' the connector while parked for vehicle security.

In addition to the near infinite placement of your iPad, the Neo Pro Holder has a few smart features to make it stand out. It has an iPod Dock connector on it – which allows added stability when the iPad is locked into the holder. When you link it with the latest Neo iPod Adapter, your NPH-45 will now be able to charge your iPad. Using the Neo iPod Adapter and Holder together also allows you to play the music from the iPad – making it the best fully functional multimedia holder for your vehicle! read more...

Neo iPad Holder - NPH-35

Back Seat iPad Car Holder
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What it is

The NPH-35 is the easiest way to turn the back seat of your vehicle into a multimedia control center! By simply clipping the NPH-35 to the front seat headrest, you now have a place that will hold your iPad, allowing your passengers to enjoy using the latest offering from Apple while relaxing in their seat. The easy design allows to be installed in any vehicle!

This iPad Holder is connected with a swivel arm and a ball pivot, meaning that the iPad can sit flush against the seat allowing for plenty of leg room when getting in/out and also a place to comfortably watch any video's on the iPad hands free. With the swivel arm, the iPad can moved in multiple positions, allowing you to put it in a various positions – from your face to view something better to your hands to type something easier – full mobility for your passengers! read more...


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